About Us

TaylorMadeSmoke is all about our unique brand of barbeque. Most of it is smoked, some of it is grilled and all of it is delicious. TaylorMadeSmoke includes: founder Taylor Williams, business partner Orion Poulin and the help and support of many others. We are based out of Freeport, Maine and we are aiming to put New England on the culinary map when it comes to the best barbeque in the country. Our goal is to keep evolving and growing while we continue to perfect our craft. Producing top notch barbeque is our number one motivation, but we are equally focused on having fun and spreading our enthusiasm for great food and good times.

TaylorMadeSmoke has been a work in progress for the past 5 years. While I have always enjoyed cooking and grilling, my passion for smoked barbeque began in 2008 when I received a smoker for my birthday. It didn’t take long for me to become obsessed with the art of smoking and I have since had a constant hunger for all things barbeque. I finally invested in a pellet smoker from Green Mountain Grills after hearing so many great reviews and several recommendations from others in the business. My pellet smoker is the primary vehicle for TaylorMadeSmoke barbeque, but I also use a traditional smoker as well my Weber grills.

Recently, my good friend Orion Poulin has joined the TaylorMadeSmoke team. This is an exciting development, for he brings an energy and drive that will help to ensure the future success and continued excellence of TaylorMadeSmoke. Together we hope to take this venture as far as we can. The limits are endless and the future is unknown, but one is for sure, we are going to have an awful lot of fun doing it. We hope you chose to join us on our journey and we look forward to bringing our backyard Barbeque to yours!