Catering & Events

TMS-in-front-of-banner-croppedPlanning your next event? Not sure what to do about the food? How about a barbeque, or seafood, or both!

We are available for all types of events including backyard barbeques and parties, weddings, company outings and other special occasions. We can provide everything from ribs, pulled pork and chicken, to pizzas, seafood and more. We can take the stress out of having to cook for your next gathering by providing

the best barbeque experience to be found!

We offer a customized service catered to your event. We can…

  • Come early, smoke everything on site, and provide buffet style service.
  • Cook ahead of time, set up the buffet, and pick up the dishes when you are done.
  • Deliver your food in disposable containers.

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