Getting Fired Up!

Since we are just getting started with TaylorMadeSmoke and our website/blog is in its infancy, we would like to start by posting some general information as well as some pictures of our barbeque. By doing this hopefully people can get a feel for what we do and just how mouthwatering it really is. Moving forward we will be documenting and sharing our barbeque exploits with posts, photos and more. As we go along we will let you know where and when we will be smoking and how you can be a part of it. We will continue to experiment with new foods and try to expand our repertoire. We will tell you what was successful and what was not. We will give tips, recommendations and also reviews of products we try. We hope to have a busy summer with a ton of barbeque and plenty to write about. As always we would love to get feedback from fellow barbeque enthusiasts and we hope that this can be a vehicle for getting the TaylorMadeSmoke brand to the people!

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